"Unnerving Disequilibrium at Altitude"
Choreographed By:  Rebecca McCormac
Created:  2019
Set in the Film Noir Era of the 1940s and 50s, this evening length work is an exploration of "Height Vertigo".  A space and motion discomfort sensation caused by the interaction between Acrophobia and Vertigo.  Two environmentally specific phobias which cause reactions to objects and/or situations the effect of which is usually a feeling of anxiety and/or anticipation.
"six plane faces"
Choreographed By:  Rebecca McCormac
Created:  2018
Six sides, all square and of equal proportion, with no two faces the same.
The intramural is disentangled to reveal a periphery of six emotions.  The plane faces now colored, are engaged in a game of knots where relationships and strategy are used to unravel and put back together the pieces of the puzzle.
Six sides, all square and of equal proportion, with no two faces the same.
"Surface & Skin"
Choreographed By:  Rebecca McCormac
Created:  2017
“Surface & Skin” investigates the parallel universe between the human body and architecture.  Shapes of light invade chosen spaces, telling their story through the decomposition of movements and kinetics.  Lines are drawn and structures built in a malleable and transient way to yield functionality and exploration.  The human body and architecture are engaged in an interplay, each adapting to find the right balance where they can meet, exchange, part ways and influence one another.  
In developing this work I have come to the conclusion that the relationship between architecture and the human body is as much about being “still” as it is about “moving”, whether that be physically, emotionally or spiritually.
Choreographed By:  Rebecca McCormac
Created:  2016 
"Strait-waistcoat" explores one woman’s struggle with restraint.  Through different measures and conditions she is held unemotionally and dispassionately under control or within limits.  Clothing and imagery depict her confinement and bodies and space her constraint. She is coerced to question what lies between the lines and hypothetically so are we.
Choreographed By:  Rebecca McCormac in collaboration with Rehearsal Director; Kate Bishop
Reworked:  2016
“FORCED” is a vigorous investigation of the bodies’ capacity to do work, in order to cause physical change. By allowing bodies and tactile objects to interact/react in the space, we are able to change the motion of an object. “FORCE” allows the viewer to see what is happening and question why
"Of Loss:  Grief's Transitions"
Choreographed By:  Rebecca McCormac
Created:  2014

Of Loss:  Grief’s Transitions is an exploration of the seven stages we as human beings go through when dealing with a grief situation. A multifaceted response to loss, particularly to the loss of someone or something to which a bond was formed, grief has emotional, physical, cognitive, behavioral, social, spiritual and philosophical dimensions. In essence, Grief is reactive!

"Woman's Work"
Choreographed By:  Rebecca McCormac
Created:  2013
A Woman’s Work is a satirical look at the role of the 1950s housewife made famous by the likes of Donna Reed, through her portrayal of the character Donna Stone in the “Donna Reed Show”. It is a day in the life of the “woman” in the household and the chores and responsibilities she must do and maintain, in order to please her husband. It is a narrative from the woman’s point of view, but directed towards the male implication.
"Once Evolved In Time Devolved"
Choreographed By:  Rebecca McCormac
Created:  2012
Once Evolved In Time Devolved, looks at the evolution/devolution of human behavior throughout time. It is an exploration of the everyday courtesies, once so common in our lives that seem to have slid away and are nowadays considered more of an obstacle. Doesn’t anyone have manners anymore?
"Destination Uncertain"
Choreographed By:  Rebecca McCormac
Created:  2012  

Destination Uncertain explores the paradoxical nature of the limit concept and how such a concept affects our lives on a daily basis. As we travel through life, day to day, week to week, month to month and so on and so forth we form connections with bodies, spaces and times that adversely affect who we are and the road that we will choose to travel. Like traffic on a freeway this sequence of relationships has conscious and unconscious limitations. Each movement or decision will affect who we will become and where we will eventually end up. Nothing is certain. It is this uncertainty that sets the tone for the piece. There is a constant feeling of hustle and bustle, movement towards a destination near that pulls one away from a destination that is far. Here in lies the abstraction. 

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